Lamborghini Concept by Flavio Adriani

Lamborghini Concept by Flavio Adriani

Lamborghini bike

This concept bike by Lamborghini will blow up your imagination. Called "The Zeus is Loose" Tesla , this stunning creation is the work of chief designer of Bertone, Marcello Gandini, in collaboration with designer Flavio Adriani.

Lamborghini motorcycle

Lamborghini bike

Lamborghini motorcycle

Lamborghini bike


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  1. hhfh

    what a weird bike

  2. John Sherman

    I’d be satisfied to just park it in my drive.

  3. Audiophile Headphones

    Amazing but I don’t think it would do too well driving round some of our streets ni wellington, New Zealand! Great concept though.

  4. Michael

    That is sweet!!

  5. Michel

    Still would prefer the “Dodge Tomahawk”…

  6. hissister

    ghost rider II….in others words awful

  7. your mom

    uhhh how do the wheels turn?

  8. Statik Regülatör

    this crazy style, how it’s work rear wheel ?

  9. jackhammer1968

    It’s not the same bike Mike Brown of Amen Motorcycles built, but this designer did obviously just copy Mike’s work and give it a “Lamborghini” look.

  10. tts69

    Too bad this bike was built years ago and sits in it’s creators shop,Amen Motorcycles in Tenn. Go to the website amenmotorcycles.con and see who created this beautiful bike.

  11. bill

    ride it, just to find out how disfunctional this “abortion” is

  12. Online Ups

    Wonderful design,

  13. yashar

    my favorite ,love it wow XX

  14. Alex

    can someone please explain how the wheels work on this one or is there a puzzle, trick or illusion to the wheels. Please kindly explain….

    • Baset

      i think they had made a tyre sized axle and the tyre is diretly attached to the axle instead of wheels.

  15. bummer

    in my experience a bike with such a long wheelbase is going to handle like a lambo with a wheel missing! well its only a concept anyway so it doesn’t really matter it will never be made

  16. Fausto

    OH MY GOD,
    I don’t mind if I kill my self riding one of those.

  17. Kpton

    Akira’s motorcycle copy… but it’s pretty much interesting

    • ktoR3

      It’s nothing like Akira’s motorcycle at all.noob.

  18. Ameen

    with all the technology in the world, they should be able to make it that low without having to destroy it on a speed bump as you said…

    maybe if they make the lower part extend naturally to the ground like a curtain and raises automatically when pressure is applied by some sort of mechanical trick…

    which sounds very possible..

  19. leftfoot

    It’s pretty, but you’ll destroy it on one good speed bump.