Screaming Pigeon Custom Bike by Dicer Bikes


Screaming Pigeon Custom Bike by Dicer Bikes

A Flying Pigeon bicycle – one of over 500 million bikes the Chinese manufacturing powerhouse has built for the growing population in the Far East. And Brad Wilson of Dicer Bikes was the one from the team who has turned a Flying Pigeon into a Screaming Pigeon. Wilson decided to add a small 50cc single cylinder engine to the ride, now boasting a top speed of 44 mph. To do so, the bike had to be stripped down to the frame and rebuilt. First up were the wheels that were re-spoked for this project, next were the handlebars that were cut off, flipped over, welded back on, and now host a motorcycle throttle. Dicer Bikes also added a fuel tank to the ride, front disc brakes, and a boardtrack-style Brooks seat.


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