Ferrari Aliante Barchetta Concept Car By Daniel Soriano

Ferrari Aliante Barchetta Concept Car By Daniel Soriano

Let us show you highly detailed concept car made by Sweden designer Daniel Soriano. “The Ferrari Aliante was initially created together by Arun Kumar, Magnus Grettve and myself as our thesis project in 2011, which took part in the Ferrari World Design Contest. More than 7 years later and after professional experience working for Lamborghini, Volvo Cars and Polestar among others, I decided to redesign and remodel it from scratch to show to myself how much I have improved and learnt (or maybe not) over the years. This updated version was carried during my spare time just to satisfy my own curiosity.”

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“Since most modern cars nowadays are souless machines with more similarities to an electrodomestic than to an actual car, I wanted to create an homage to the old school generations of super cars. Today seems like it is all about figures, which is simply a childish penis measurement contest. To a true petrolhead things that make a car great can not be measured or quantified, so I wanted to make something pure, light and simple. Therefore, the Ferrari Aliante Barchetta is powered by a naturally aspirated flat 12 with independent throttle bodies, manual gearbox and no electronic driving aids whatsoever. Carbon fibre monocoque with integrated seats, some active aero bits, big scoops, no doors, no windows and no roof. Modern hipsters will hate it.” Also we recommend you to check 10 most expensive cars in the world.

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