Furia – 3D Printed and Carbon Fiber Concept Bike

Furia - 3D Printed and Carbon Fiber Concept Bike

Despite a modern popularity of small electric bikes standard bicycles are timeless. Winner of the prize “Eccellenze del Design nel Lazio” issued by ADI Italy, Furia by Francesco Manocchio is a concept bicycle design to experiment a technological fusion between carbon fiber composite and 3D printing material. Exploring the emerging techniques of rapid manufacturing, gave me the opportunity to be inspired by technology. Looking for lightness, strength and performance this design process aims to define our speculative view of bicycle in the next future. “The result is a 3D model 1:1 produced with a desktop 3D printer (replicator 2x) as a volume study.”

3d printed bicycle

“The use of technological solution such as hub-center steering comes from motorcycles’ world, Tesi 3D by Bimota is an Italian example of this innovative technology applied on a sportive motorcycle. New production systems and materials offer to designers’ new insightful perspectives, that we have to explore in order to innovate, Furia is one of those paths, designed to provoke and inspire.” And you can always check other most expensive bicycles.

3d printed bike

3d printed bike parts

carbon fiber bike frame

carbon fiber bikes

carbon fiber bike

carbon fiber bike frames

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  1. Bravo ! I have same idea – I didnt think someone have already done it in this way and best of all even my idea and project look a lots like that frame… But different enough to be original + I will make some changes, I like to have original things made by me 😀

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