Modern Wine Inspired By a Mechanical Background


Modern Wine Inspired By a Mechanical Background

Check out the branding, packaging design, and wine marketing for Grape Garage 32a by Magnetic Stories – a design bureau based in Karlsruhe & Edesheim, Germany. “In 1957, his grandfather was one of the first people to bottle wine in Schweigen in the Palatinate region. Just like his grandpa, Alexander Grimm is no cliché winemaker. He is self-taught and learns from his experiences. In addition, he is an industrial mechanic. He started in 2014 and is now producing his third vintage. You can look forward to the surprises to be found in his bottles. Oliver Semik & Lutz Suendermann developed the brandname, branding and designed the lables for the five very impressive newcomer wines (from Riesling to Grauburgunder). The minimalist and stylish approach gives it a truly high-quality look that strongly resonates with modern wine drinkers.”


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