15 Best Free Travel Templates and Themes

15 Best Free Travel Templates and Themes

15 Best Free Travel Templates

If you look up #Inspo on Instagram, I bet you will see thousands and thousands of travel-related photos. People will never stop searching for inspiration that exploring new countries gives. Some 20 years ago arranging a trip could become a real pain in the neck, but now we can easily settle everything on the web in the comfort of our homes. Select a destination, book a flight, find a fancy hotel with a breathtaking sea view – and you’re ready to go just in a few clicks! When people want to get services online, they want these services to be fast, clear and effective. If they don’t get these three at one website, they go to another one. Thus, a quality website is the key factor of any modern company’s success. Luckily for travel companies, their field has much to offer in regards to visual content, which makes travel websites so rich in eye-catching imagery. The only thing that’s left to make their websites effective is to pick up some beautiful framing. In this article we discuss the essential functions of a travel company website and show some beautiful travel templates and themes that have all these functions on fleek. If you want to know what a dream travel website should be like, read on!


Free Traveler Blog Website Template [ download ]

free travel blog templates


Free Paradise Website Template [ download ]

free travel css templates


Free Travelop WordPress Theme [ download ]

free travelop WordPress theme


Free Travel Agency HTML5 Website Template [ download ]

free travel css templates


Free Travel Operator Website Template [ download ]

free travel css templates


Free Travel Website Template [ download ]

free travel website template


Free Tour Operator HTML5 Website Template [ download ]

free travel css templates


Free Travel Store Website Template [ download ]

free travel css templates


Free jQuery Travel Theme [ download ]

free jQuerytravel theme


Free Tour Operator HTML5 Website [ download ]

free travel css templates


Free Travel Blog Website Template [ download ]

free wordpress travel themes


Free Travel Agency HTML5 Theme [ download ]

free travel agency html5 theme


Free Travel Blog HTML5 Website Template [ download ]

free travel css templates


Free Snow Tour Website Template [ download ]

free snow tour web template


Free Travel Deals HTML5 Website Template [ download ]

free full html5 templates

And let’s don’t forget about old good premium website templates, for example from TemplateMonster.


SunTravel – Travel Agency WordPress Theme

[ download ]

SunTravel - Travel Agency WordPress Theme


Hiking & Camping Tours WordPress Theme

[ download ]

Hiking & Camping Tours WordPress Theme


Travel template must-haves:

Now that you’ve taken a look at these travel templates, you might have some idea of what functions you want inside a travel website. Let’s sum up what functionality is crucial:

Responsive design

The way your website looks and performs on mobile devices defines its success nowadays. That’s why “mobile-first philosophy” is one of the most prominent recent trends. Make sure that the template you get is fully compatible with all operating systems, devices and browsers. Check out its demo on various devices and look through all pages to see your future website’s usability in practice.

Lightning-fast page loading

We’re getting more and more used to browsing the web at the speed of light, and a couple seconds wait might cost you hundreds of potential customers. If your website takes too long to load, they will just leave and open another one. That is why clean code and performance optimization are crucial.

Very straightforward navigation

UX design is like invisible magic which you feel, but cannot see. Have you ever noticed that some web pages, apps or other products give a far more satisfying experience than others for seemingly no particular reason? That’s UX in action. When users get an intuitive experience with your website, they will definitely come back for more. Luckily, there are templates that have been created with user experience in mind, so you don’t need to invent the wheel.

Good opportunities for visual content placement

We think that people doing travel business are lucky, because what they do is so breathtakingly beautiful. This gives much advantage when we talk about making a company website. Travel-related pictures are always eye-catching, and can attract lots of new customers if you treat them right. A travel website should let your photos do the talking, so pay special attention to photo placement on the homepage, in gallery and blog styles. The more options you have – the better!

Well-structured info about the company

Text representation of your company is as important as the visual one. People tend to trust companies with an exclusive brand personality; thus, About us is a must-have page. Testimonials and Our team are sections that your site visitors will definitely check out, so make sure to have them right at your homepage.

Clear and convenient search forms

Many websites fail on this one. Don’t fall into the same trap, just grab a ready-made template with properly working, well-placed search forms that will allow your site visitors to effortlessly navigate through your website – or take this seriously when you are creating your own website from scratch.

Ability to purchase and book directly from the website

For a travel company, this point is obviously essential. The more actions your customers can perform without leaving the website, the better for your business. Getting a WordPress theme that has native integration with WooCommerce is a wise solution. This way you will also provide your customers safe purchase insurance by using a reliable payment tool.

Functionality for providing feedback

Your customers’ feedback is best advertising for your business. Nowadays, people evaluate every product or service based on its reviews. So, your website should provide them with the ability to leave feedback, comments, questions, etc. The more convenient your commenting system is, the more feedback you get – and more feedback means more trust from your prospects.

Integration with social media pages

Your company image consists of multiple elements, and people love to learn more about your brand through social media. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to increase cross-platform engagement and make sure that your social media pages are easily accessible through your website.

These are just some of our ideas what a perfect travel website should be. And if you were wondering, we know where you can find best template for travel blogs that have all this functionality and even more. We are sure that you also have some thoughts on what travel sites should be like. Feel free to share in the comments!

We strongly recommend you to check our post: 15 Best Free Website Builders. It might look pretty attractive to get your own website from scratch and absolutely for free.


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