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Not everyone wants to pay a lot of money to professional webdesigner or design studio for developing design of own wordpress blog. Also many people are not satisfied with absolutely free wordpress themes. Various design resources offers collection of free wordpress themes – you could easily find it trough search engines. There are many really creative and quality among these themes. The main minus of these free themes is high popularity. The same design will be definitely used in numerous wordpress blogs. But there is another solution. You can buy premium wordpress theme on special websites by very attractive price. Many of the listed below website offers to buy all themes from their archives for the price of one so you can choose what theme exactly will suit your expectation from design. Sites listed in this collection offers various schemes of cooperation. In this article we’ve included websites with the most attractive, stylish and creative wordpress themes. We will describe general moments and most interesting propositions so you will be able to choose whatever you need. Also every website along with themes offers lifetime support and regularly updates. But selecting the right theme is only one step in creating your own website. Next one will be selecting the right hosting. For this we can recommend to read hostmonster review. Anyway, jump into the post and choose! Also if you don’t want to spent yor tie on creating WordPress website – check this list of free website builders and start creating your website right now.



Very interesting and attractive solution offers Nick Roach – owner of Once you pay $19,95 per year you will get unlimited access for all wordpress themes listed on the site. And also for all themes which will be created during 1 year of your membership. On average new theme appears once per month. So this offer is more than attractive consider that themes are creative and qualitive. Themes are for personal use only.

WordPress Theme


NattyWP offers several schemes of purchasing themes. 1 theme with lifetime support will be cost $45. If you need more themes you should buy membership and get access for all themes of this site. Also there is availiable developer membership. You pay $300 per 12 month, get all sources and you can use all themes for the unlimited number of websites without any further payments or licenses. Periodically NattyWP creates special offers and you can buy 2 themes for the price of 1.

WordPress Theme


StudioPress offers various packages for their clients. These packages include not only wordpress theme as it but also hosting and several services, for example customization of your theme, installing different plugins or creating professional email adresses. And cost of the package is from $195 to $495 depending of services included in it. And also if you want just buy all themes you can do it for $199.95.

WordPress Theme


You can get wordpress theme from WooThemes by ordering Package or Club Membership. Package for $70 gives you an access to only one theme plus bonus if it exist. If you’ll decide to join a club you will pay $125 at once and $15 per month. And again membership includes downloading all themes on website plus the one’s released over the course of your membership subscription.

WordPress Theme


ThemeForest is website that offers wordpress (and other) themes created by different designers. Price of these themes is not large – from $10 to $40. Every theme has various parameters: price, rating, amount of sales, functionality etc. So you will easy find the proper one.

WordPress Theme


RichWP also offers two variants for purchasing wordpress theme. You can buy single theme and pay for it $ 69.90 or you can buy all themes package for $249.00. Also after purchasing of one theme you can buy upgrade and download all themes from website. With each theme you will get lifetime updates.

WordPress Theme


Gabfire is quite unique website because offers wordpress themes only in newspaper style. And again you have choice between two packs: Standart Pack for $59 and Developer’s Pack for $179. The difference is in access to 3 bonus themes in developer pack.

WordPress Theme

WP Now

WP Now offers only 5 themes for now but they look great. So it might be your choice. There are 4 variants to buy wordpress theme: for single use or for multiply use, with links back to WP Now or without any branding. And there are different prices for each theme – starting from $29.

WordPress Theme


GorillaThemes also offers not much themes but you can find specific themes on it, for example real estate or travel wordpress theme. And again there are 2 packages with different prices: Basic for $79.95 and Developer for $179.95. The last one goes with free demo installation, PSD files by request, customization etc.

WordPress Theme

Viva Themes

Variety of wordpress themes on Viva Themes is also small. But themes are pretty interesting and made in some kind of minimal style. There is no membership. Each theme can be bought by not big price – up to $49.

WordPress Theme

At the end of this review want to admit that all information including number of themes or prices is actual at the moment of publication.

  1. This is an awesome list, all my favourites are in it, for the exceptions of Press75 who also do some really amazing work as well. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Thanks for the list. I’m looking to start selling some themes and it is quite useful.

  3. heard about almost all of them, but offers really cheap themes, almost for free..

  4. – has all these and a visual search through all their themes – quite good.

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