1300 DRIFTER Suzuki Hayabusa Custom by Droog Moto


1300 DRIFTER Suzuki Hayabusa Custom by Droog Moto

Today we want to show you this impeccable Suzuki Hayabusa, that is transformed to its glorious form and renamed 1300 DRIFTER. This masterpiece by Washington States Droog Moto is a full-on aggressive beast. The 1300 DRIFTER is built by husband and wife Max and Erica. The two run the operation as an online-only service with builds then shipped free of charge out to clients upon completion. The unique part of their business is their distinctive style. Due to this, a customer was impressed with the Droog Moto DM-014 Z1000 and reached out to them. The client asked if Max and Erica were willing to customise a Suzuki Hayabusa to suit his preferences.

suzuki hayabusa custom

Though Suzuki Hayabusa is a very fast bike, the machine is said to be the fastest standard production bike of the 20th century. It is capable of going up to 300km/h. Parts of the bike was stripped off in order to give the bike a new look. The duo removed the stock subframe and a new item that is much shorter than the original was fitted in.

1300 drifter suzuki hayabusa droog moto

custom suzuki hayabusas

custom suzuki hayabusa 1300

The bike features a 1300cc four-cylinder, twin cam, engine with tractor like torque. It is capable of producing up to 200hp of power. The ECU also comes with a new tune. Also don’t forget to check best vintage motorcylces ever.

1300 drifter suzuki hayabusa

custom suzuki hayabusa parts

custom suzuki hayabusa seat

custom suzuki hayabusa

suzuki hayabusa accessories custom

suzuki hayabusa 2019

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