2,040-Horsepower Fulminea Electric Hypercar from Automobili Estrema


2,040-Horsepower Fulminea Electric Hypercar from Automobili Estrema

Italy’s Automobili Estrema is living up to its name with absurd performance figures for its first product. The Fulminea electric hypercar promises an absurd 2,040 all-wheel-drive horsepower, and 0-200 mph (0-320 km/h) acceleration in less than 10 seconds.

electric hypercar

“The Estrema Fulminea will be the first street-legal hypercar to be equipped with an innovative hybrid battery pack which uses a combination of ABEE’s (Avesta Battery Energy Engineering) solid-state cells paired with ultra-capacitors… With its hybrid battery pack of 100 kWh, the expected WLTP range will be 520 km (323 miles). Thanks to the innovative solid-state cells, the high-performance hybrid battery (with cell-to-pack technology) will reach an unprecedented energy density of 450 Wh/kg (1,200 Wh/l) with a predicted weight under 300 kg (661 lb) and a total curb weight of 1,500 kg (3,307 lb).” Also be sure to check the fastest cars in the world.

Automobili Estrema


Fulminea electric hypercar

Estrema Fulminea

Estrema Fulminea hypercar

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