Cybertruck-inspired Rover Concept Designed to Explore the Terrain on Mars


Cybertruck-inspired Rover Concept Designed to Explore the Terrain on Mars

The Pandemax Concept by Radek Štěpán has a distinct Star Wars-inspired aesthetic and those all-terrain tires and that high ground clearance really implies the car could easily work on the roughest of alien terrain. Designed to be a sort of explorer vehicle or manned rover, the Pandemax comes with two seats that are at the absolute front of the vehicle, with a panoramic windshield that lets the explorers get a full view of the terrain and landscape ahead of them. Sure, there are a few questions that come to mind too, especially regarding driver safety and also the center-of-gravity, given that the drivers are sitting outside the car’s wheelbase. However, it’s a neat aesthetic exploration of an interplanetary vehicle.

rover concept

The passenger cabin overhangs off the front, giving the car a distinctly different aesthetic altogether. As the cockpit door opens upwards, the base descends downwards too, giving you a stepping surface as you climb into the vehicle. When the cockpit door and floor finally close together, you’re left with a car that has surprisingly large ground clearance, making it perfect for rough terrain.


The headlights and taillights on the Pandemax are with the LED strip design present on the front and back, as well as the top. Its boot at the back has a shutter-style cover too, almost perfectly mimicking the one found on Tesla’s Cybertruck. And don’t forget to check the best all-terrain vehicles available for sale.

all-terrain vehicles

all-terrain vehicle

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